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Call Cash For Gift Cards is a family owned business that operates inside of State Gold Buyers and Loan Company at our Newark New Jersey location. We are at 75 1st St. We do typically pay more for your gift cards than others and we have built a nice reputation for this. When you stop by you will be impressed with how quickly you are out the door with your cash. We offer a more than fair amount to you in cash for most any gift card on the market and we purchase all the major ones every day.

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A guy came in the other day. He had quite a few gift cards. We asked him where did he get all those cards and he explained he saves them up and just brings them all in at one time as it isn't close to his house. We asked him why doesn't he go to a closer place. He said because we pay so much more than the other guys it is more than worth his while to just come to one of our locations rather than to take less money from one of our competitors.

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Just ask any of your friends or family members where to get the most for your gift cards and they are sure to tell you that State Gold Buyers is the place to go. We have been serving customers for years at both our Newark New Jersey locations and we always pay top dollar for your gift cards, as well as gold, silver, and other artifacts of value. Once you come in you will see why we are the company of choice for all your fast cash loans, pawning, gift card buying, and purchasing of your valuables.



A lady came in with a few gift cards for exchange the other day. She said she didn't even know there was such a service available but she was mentioning to a friend that she wished she could get cash for some gift cards she had and her friend told her about us and how we would pay the most for her. She said she came right over and was so happy because those gift cards were just lying around and she really wasn't using them or even going to use them. She said some she got for her birthday and some she got for Christmas and even a few as other gifts along the way. She left with a pile of cash in her hand and a very happy lady.

It does our heart good to be able to help others like we do. We offer several services that people really need and want. But the cash for gift cards is one that helps many people every day. There are always stories of people that would much rather have the cash than a gift card but it's too late by the time they get the gift card it is usually not polite to tell the person that gave it to you that you really just want cash. It might hurt their feelings. After all, people are only trying to be nice when they purchase a gift card for someone else. It is usually for a birthday or some other special occasion like a wedding or something like that. But don't worry we will give you what you really want and need. Just stop by our location and we will hook you up right away.



We buy all the major gift cards and the other day a guy comes in with one from a famous Pet Store. He said he did use the card but there was still so much money left on there he just wanted us to make him a fair offer and he was ready to get some cash for it. So of course we made him a more than fair offer and took the card off his hands. He said he was going to go to another pet store and get a few other things that the first pet store didn't have. We were impressed that he was smart enough to trade his one store card for cash just so he could go to another store he really wanted to go to.




From A to Z there are tons of different gift cards that we buy. The best way to see just how much you will get in cash is to bring them in and remember we pay you in cash on the spot. You are sure to leave with a smile on your face and we will see you next time you need us for whatever valuables you have in your life you want to turn into cash. We take in most kinds of gold jewelry, silver, platinum, fine watches and other items too. You can feel free to call ahead to get a price over the phone if we are not too busy we will be able to tell you in a minute or two about how much we can pay you for your items. Then when you come in you might be pleasantly surprised that we gave you more now that we see the item. While this isn't usually true for the gift cards it can be true on many other items that people bring in every day.

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Remember you can stop by our Newark, New Jersey location or you can call and see just how we may help you online whenever possible. Call 973-333-4205

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